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Last updated: Feb. 1st, 2024.

Hello and welcome, my name is Brent and I am a software engineer. I have experience developing front-end websites as well as graphical user interfaces for desktop based applications. Overall, UI/UX is my passion!

I got my start at Copper Mountain College in Joshua Tree, California. From there, I graduated with an associate's degree in computer science and mathematics. Soon after, I transferred to California State University Fullerton which is where I graduated with my bachelor's degree in computer science.

At the moment, I currently work with simulation products within the aerospace and defense industry.

Picture of Brent Pfefferle

Technological Skills

I am very comfortable with front-end web technologies. In fact, I have an eye for design and I excel at writing code to develop mobile friendly and responsive websites that offer a good experience to the user.

Of course, I am not limited to only websites. For instance, I also have experience developing desktop applications with languages such as C++ and SQL paired with tools such as Visual Studio and SQL Server Management Studio.

Speaking of development tools, I have expertise with tools such as Visual Studio Code, Visual Studio, Github for Desktop, Git, Windows, and even familiarity with Linux.

Soft Skills

I work great with people and I enjoy leadership roles! Truthfully, I find it satisfying to plan out a project and keep track of tasks to be completed before their due dates.

Projects & Experience

At the moment, I have a few websites live on the internet. I also have code available for viewing on my Github account. To view either, click on a thumbnail below or see my repositories at Github!

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